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Perkins V Local Needs Assessment Planning Meeting

Event Number 33112
Date 01/14/2020
Presenters Delabar CTE System
Intended Audience Districts in Delabar CTE System
Location Watson Legacy Center
Time 8:30 - 3:30
Fee None
CPDU Credits
Status Open
Description Each district in Delabar CTE System will have to complete a formal local needs assessment by February 15, 2020, in order to be eligible for funding next year. Delabar CTE System is providing an opportunity to school teams to complete the data review process, develop your survey tools and begin your local needs assessment on January 14th. Please bring a minimum of three participants including an administrator/counselor, teacher and a student. You can bring up to 6 participants for each school. You will need access to SIS information throughtout the day. A working lunch will be provided free of charge. Register today by visiting:https://www.roepd.net/?action=workshop&recid=825&from=calendar For more information, contact Brittany Stegall at 309-345-3828 or bstegall@roe33.net
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